Different of the Festivals in China and Western


Every country has different culture. Because of that, every country has its own traditional festivals. China has a history of 5000 years and we has a lot of traditional festivals and they represent our culture. To compare the culture of China and Western, we can find the difference of the Festivals in China and Western. In this article, I research this question simply.

  Festival is a day which is worth to remember. It is a traditional culture which is because people need it in the normal life. Many countries has festivals. Different festival came from different situations. Some festival came from traditional custom, some came from religion, and there are some festivals was created because of the commemoration of some important things or people. After long history, many festival was forgotten. There are a small part of traditional festival was reminded. They represent different cultures.

  Today I will make an analysis about the difference of the Festivals in China and Western. I will compare The Spring Festival and The Christmas. They are both the biggest festival in China and West.

The Spring Festival

  The Spring Festival is from ancient primitive beliefs, astrism, calendar and other human and natural culture.

  There was a monster named “Xi”. The monster was seen once a year. Chinese people called that day “Guo Nian”(It means “Nian” was came). They called that evening was “Chu Xi” (It means killed “Xi”). “Xi” was very ferocious, eating people in the middle of evening. The monster fear red, fire and noises. So people affixed to the Red Spring Festival Union, set off firecrackers and happy New Year to elder people. In the end, “Xi” was drove away. So we set this day was The Spring Festival.

  People set off firecrackers, have New Year’s Eve dinner, give lucky money, do New Year goods, sweep the dust, paste Spring Festival couplets and so on. People are very glad in the Spring Festival.

The Christmas

  Christmas is an important Christian festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is on 12.25.

  There are many customs in the Christmas. Such as Santa, gifts, Christmas Card, Christmas party, Christmas tree. Many people in Western countries have this festival. 

The same and different

  The different of The Christmas and The Spring Festival was in four parts. 

First, in the history.

  The two Festival were from different time. They both have a long history. Some article said that The Spring Festival has the history more than 4000 years. The Christmas from 138 A.D. It just has the history less than 2000 years. So The Spring Festival is elder than The Christmas. They also have different history. 

Second, came from situations.

  Their were created both because of the culture. The Spring Festival is the first day in the lunar calendar and it is the first solar terms in the lunar calendar, so it was created. And the Christmas was because of the religious. They came from different situation.

Third, celebrate ways.

  They are also the biggest festival in China and West. People have a lot of ways to celebrate. In these two days, people eat a big meal together and give others gifts. In Spring Festival, people have many traditional activities like set off firecrackers. In Christmas, people do some activities to make a wish like the Christmas card and the Christmas tree. They are different. They represent different culture.

Last, in expectation. 

  The Spring Festival and The Christmas have expectation. They both for fun. The Spring Festival is for reunion and the Christmas is for party.


  Every countries have different festivals. They have different histories, it made different culture and different festival. It shows every counties’ tradition. Every countries have different political and different situations, it made festivals be different. Every countries have different culture so people have different celebrate ways. And also, people have different expectation.

  The difference in the Spring Festival and the Christmas are in history, situation, celebrate ways and expectation. From that, we can understand that there are a lot of difference in Chinese and Western culture. We need to learn more.


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